Family Program

The family program provides a mix of tough physical activity and mental training while providing a workout that is safe and possible for everyone. You will notice improvements in flexibility, speed, balance, and coordination, as well as self control and confidence. Tae Kwon Do is also a good method of rehabilitation and strengthening while providing a way to work out stress and tension. We offer adult classes in the morning and evening to better fit your schedule. Feel free to come in and try a class at no cost.

Teen Program

Our teen class, designed for our middle and high school age group, is designed to give our students an outlet to the everyday stresses of teenage life through a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Along with the exercise needed for a growing teenager, students will develop the needed discipline and concentration to become strong leaders in a crucial time in their lives. Our teen class will improve your students self esteem as well as develop important self defense techniques.

Children Program

Our children’s classes are designed to teach coordination, balance, and discipline. Children learn to follow directions effectively, concentrate, and focus on small and large tasks. Along with the physical aspect of Tae Kwon Do, there are significant mental gains as well. Perseverance, reasoning, and mental discipline are a few, and often result in improvements with behavior. We make it our goal to develop a personalized program based on the needs of each student. Whether your child struggles with ADD, ADHD, behavior problems, or just needs a fun activity, our staff will make the necessary steps to create a program for your child that is fun and effective in your child's growth.

Elite Program

Our Elite program consists of three high level teams. Members of our Sparring, Forms (Poomsae), and Demonstration teams perform and compete throughout the world. Students enrolled in these programs are developed for the highest level of competition such as the US National Championships, Pan American Championships, and the World Hanmadang Festival. Members of our Elite team have won numerous medals in local, national, and international competitions

Elite team's achievements HERE
(Update: 9/2016)

After School Program

The stress of your daily job followed by a homework session with your child at home makes it very difficult to find the quality time that your family needs. With all those things in mind, Champion has combined the benefits of a world class Tae Kwon Do program and a hands on learning center to give you a better option for your childs after school program needs. With the assistance of Certified Washington State teachers and University of Washington students, watch your students academics and behavior improve. It is our goal to make sure that all students finish their studies with us so they may have time to spend with their families in the evening. Imagine going home after a long day of work and being able to sit down to some quality family time and not having to worry about getting your childs schoolwork done before bedtime.